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When traditional lenders are unable to meet a sponsor’s needs, Electra Capital is there – leveraging decades of multifamily expertise along with long-term relationships within the lending community. Through association with our affiliates, Electra Capital boasts a national network of experts in acquisitions, underwriting, structuring, closing and management, enabling us to act expeditiously and effectively to meet our client’s needs.

Investment Products

Electra Capital offers investment advisory services along
with the following financial products:

Bridge Loans

A short-term senior loan typically for a time frame of one to three years.


Mezzanine Loans

This works in conjunction with a senior loan and will be secured by a pledge of the ownership interest in the property.

Preferred Equity Investment

Equity investment in the property-owning entity.


Participating Preferred Equity Investment

Similar to Preferred Equity Investment, but preferred return is reduced for a percentage of the ownership in the property.